MCHP Orientation 2008

Friday June 27th was the MCHP kickoff orientation and that means that we’re really (and finally!) underway.  It was exciting to have people from each of the 8 MCHP communities in the same room together talking about their projects and making connections.  After a rousing talk on technology education by Jim Moulton, we dug into the nitty gritty of the MCHP — what it is and just what the community teams will be doing for the year.  Most interesting, though, were the team introductions and clearly there are a lot of ideas of where to take these community projects.  Everyone is interested in sharing their history, in knowing where the resources are, in intergenerational work and in passing this history onto school kids.  Other than that, though, each community team came to the meeting with unique ideas and it’ll be interesting to see each project play out over the year.

Well, we’re off to the races!  Kristie and I go on the road immediately and will be in New Portland, Farmington & Thomaston in the next week alone.  From there until the end of the month we keep moving around the state until we’ve hit each of the 8 2008 towns.  And then we pick up and do it again in August.  I can’t wait to see the collections and begin the process of thinking about local history.  Plus, everyone wants to tour around Maine and we get to do that for work!  Stay with us — we’re sure to have good stories and pictures to share.


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Maine Community Heritage Project at Maine Historical Society
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