Application for 2009 MCHP

Hello all,

We’re starting to get calls about how to apply for the next MCHP cohort.  All of the information, including a new application, should be up on our site by mid January.  Please check there for updates (  There will be some changes so stay tuned for that.  It’s going to be another exciting (and very busy, I’m sure!) year.

We’ve also had a lot of questions about eligibility.  The program is open to any community anywhere in the state.  As we did last year, we are looking for a good geographic, cultural and socio-economic diversity.  Big towns, small towns, mill towns, college towns.  French communities, Native communities, agricultural communities.  This is where maine is most diverse so think about the MCHP & MMN as a way to tell your community’s story.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to prepare to apply.

  1. Explore the Maine Memory Network ( and see how it works.  Since the primary goal of the MCHP is to create community websites about local history within MMN, it’ll only help your application if you understand what MMN is and how to use it.
  2. Begin to assemble your community team.  A school, a library and an organization with historical collections should be the applying partners, along with any other interested organization.  This is a year-long commitment so participants should commit to seeing the project to completion.
  3. Meet with your proposed team.  Think about what skills, experience and knowledge you all bring and think about whether or not there are others you need or want on your team.  Reading through the 2008  description will help.
  4. When the 2009 application material becomes available everyone on your application team should read it and understand just what the program is.   Talk honestly about roles, expectations and what you hope to get out of the program.  You’ll be working with these people for a year so forming a strong collaboration from the beginning is essential.
  5. Remember that this is not a genealogical project.  While all history can have components of family history, MMN is not a place to record family lines.
  6. The MCHP targets grades 6-12 for participation.  Those grades are our focus and must be on a community team.  If you teach other grades and want to talk about options contact Kristie.
  7. Give us a call with questions.  I can be reached at 653-9677 or you can call Kristie at 653-9287.  Or email us at or

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you about how the MCHP might work for you.  Hope this helps you get started.


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Maine Community Heritage Project at Maine Historical Society
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