Second Time’s a Charm at Greely

A Greely Middle School 8th grader holds up a Skyline Farm photograph during the scanning and cataloging process.

Last Thursday and Friday, about 20 Greely Middle School 8th graders from Steve Hill’s social studies classes participated in Round Two of scanning, photographing, and cataloging items for the Cumberland/North Yarmouth team’s MCHP website exhibits.

Greely students gingerly handle an old photograph.

Round One took place in January during a two-week immersion into the project. Back then, all 60 of Steve’s students were involved and it was a wholly team-designed-and-directed experience. This time around, it was the students themselves that initiated the follow-up session. This sub-group of 20 expressed a strong interest in working on the project again and, according to Steve, “they were practically skipping into the classroom” on Thursday and Friday.

Greely students set up a shot.

“Boy, were they motivated and more self-confident!” says team member Pam Ames of Skyline Farms. The result of that motivation? A whole lot of new items digitized for the website. Happy, engaged, productive students. Thrilled team members. Intergenerational collaboration. Service learning. Ongoing appreciation for local history. And… a slew of great photos!

N. Yarmouth Historical Society president Katie Murphy poses with the all-important flash drives.

Cataloging a Skyline Farm image.

Pam Ames works with a student cataloging an image.


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