Cosmopolitan Central Maine: Waterville, 100 Years Ago

Waterville Public Library, a fall 2011 Maine Memory Network grantee, just completed its grant project (several months before its originally projected end date!). Unveiled at a library program on Saturday, December 3, the new exhibit showcases the economic power that Waterville had become exactly a century ago.

Bridge construction, Waterville, ca. 1911

“We are growing to be somewhat cosmopolitan…” Waterville in 1911 takes reader-viewers on a journey through the central Maine city’s rapid growth in the early part of the 20th century.

“In 1911, Waterville, having more than doubled in size over the last four decades, was booming with business,” the exhibit opens. “Newly a city, Waterville was transformed from a small town isolated in central Maine to a city with connections to the rest of Maine, the United States, and the world.” The exhibit covers manufacturing, construction, retail, and the entertainment sector.

After enjoying the exhibit, take some time to peruse the total number of Waterville-based historical items on Maine Memory, or just those uploaded most recently by Waterville Public Library.


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