Santa Around Maine

Over the years, Santa has been spotted in any number of interesting Maine locales doing any number of unusual things, and Maine Memory Network has some of the photo evidence to prove it.

Santa at the toll booth, Falmouth, 1982 (MMN #11452)

Think he’s just some guy that rides around in a sleigh and drops down chimneys? Well, think again. In Maine, Santa has given lollipops to drivers passing through the Falmouth toll booth, shaken hands with governors at the State House, taken a load off at an Augusta barbershop, driven up and down Congress Street with the reindeer, tried his luck at solving the Rubik’s Cube at a Brunswick store, and parachuted into Waterville, among many other unusual activities.

To see and read more about all of these fun and fanciful Santa sightings as well as the larger religious and cultural associations with the December holidays, take a moment to peruse the MMN exhibits “Evergreens and a Jolly Old Elf” and “The Public Face of Christmas.”

And be on your best behavior this week and always… you never know where Santa will turn up next!

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