One Last Meeting

Members of the Surry MCHP team in team leader Lynn Bonsey’s classroom at Surry Elementary School.

Last week, our three Maine Community Heritage Project teams got together for their final team meetings. These have been going on since last August, when the project was kicked off in the 2011-2012 communities of Strong, Surry, and Swan’s Island.

These 90-minute monthly meetings are not to be confused with the hundreds of additional hours team members have put in since last summer to accomplish the project work. From digitizing up to 150 historical items, to writing and building five or more online exhibits, to putting everything together in a comprehensive local history website, that work is considerable.

Members of the Strong MCHP team, around a display about the educational history in the community.

Not that the team meetings aren’t work. There are status reports to be given, plans to be hashed out, tasks to be assigned, items to be reviewed, and decisions to be made. But there’s camaraderie involved, as well, and generally several stretches of convivial chit-chat, if not a few laughs.

The Swan’s Island MCHP team.

We hope these teams continue to meet on their own after their websites are launched (by the end of the month) but that’s up to them. At the least, bonds have been created that will serve the organizational partners, and the entire community, long after the last team meeting.

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