Brainstorming History on MDI

Here’s a scene from last Tuesday evening on Mount Desert Island in the stately Maine Sea Coast Mission building in Bar Harbor.

While you can’t tell that the view outside those windows is gorgeous–by photo time, it was dark–trust us when we say it made for a lovely spot to engage in collegial conversation about local history.

The occasion was the public kick-off to the island’s Maine Community Heritage Project. After some opening remarks about the details of the project, co-hosts Brook Minner, Director of the Northeast Harbor Library, and Tim Garrity, Executive Director of MDI Historical Society, led participants in a lively brainstorming session of possible topics and themes to feature on the website the team is building on Maine Memory Network. Several pages of flip chart notes will be added to the team’s already-long list of ideas, and then narrowed down into five specific exhibit topics, as well as content to feature in a 3,000 word narrative history of the island.

Technically, we should point out that the team–which also includes the umbrella group, Friends of Island History, and the MDI school system–will be rebuilding a website. Some years back, MHS organized a pilot project between MDI high school and a few of the many organizations with historic collections on MDI. The great work and website produced under that project will be re-organized as a special section on the updated site.

Stay tuned for more updates about the team’s work, and be sure to look for the reborn site’s unveiling next May.


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