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Items get added to Maine Memory all the time, but some weeks are busier than others. We happen to be in a particularly busy period right now thanks to both veteran and new Contributing Partners (CPs) adding items in droves to the network.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower fishing at Little Boy Falls, North Oxford, 1955

Two examples of veteran CPs turning up the digital heat are the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan and the Ski Museum of Maine, located in Kingfield. Senator’s Smith’s library holds many thousands of photos (as well as numerous documents and artifacts), only a small sampling of which are on Maine Memory. But with a new staff member on board dedicated to digitizing the collection, among other duties, new gems are showing up daily, such as a recent spate of photographs from President Eisenhower’s trip to Maine in 1955.

The Ski Museum, a longtime CP, received a Maine Memory grant last year to build an exhibit on the 1971 World Cup Races at Sugarloaf. While the exhibit won’t be ready until early January, a number of fantastic photos of teams, races, and festivities surrounding the World Cup have been added that give a taste of what’s to come.

Women’s US Ski Team, Sugarloaf, 1971

Meanwhile, some of the newest CPs are filling geographical gaps within Maine Memory. Over in the western part of the state, the Greater Rumford Area Historical Society, Dixfield Historical Society, and Mexico Historical Societie have been busy digitizing and cataloging historic collections as part of that region’s Maine Community Heritage Project.

The Holman Family Reunion and homestead, Dixfield, ca. 1911

A total of six historical societies from this region are new to Maine Memory as part of this team and will add significant content to the database about under-represented subjects, such as the paper industry. (Soon, under a separate grant, Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum in Livermore Falls will contribute items, and an exhibit, to this subject area as well.)

Cannery workers sorting potatoes, Hartland, ca. 1940

Another area relatively under-represented, the center of the state, has gotten a significant boost this past year with grants to historical societies in Hartland, Monson, Palmyra, St. Albans, and Stetson. Visit the Search by Contributor page to see what they’ve been adding to MMN.

Or for a quick peek at the very latest items added to Maine Memory in general, visit our New Acquisitions page regularly (also linked from the home page under “See What’s New). You never know what historic gems will show up next.


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