Just the Stats, Ma’am

A month ago, we posted accessions statistics for the library and museum on our MHS blog. Now it’s Maine Memory’s turn.

Steamer Katahdin on Moosehead Lake, Maine

Steamer Katahdin on Moosehead Lake, Maine. One of the many items added in February by Moosehead Historical Society, a new Contributing Partner.

How much traffic does the database see in a month? Well, as with accessions, it varies depending on how many Contributing Partners are active at a given time. February was a relatively active month, but not necessarily the most active.

Here’s the breakdown for the period 2/1/13 to 3/1/13, during which a total of 250 new items went online. Many of the organizations contributing items are participating in a current grant project or have received a grant in the past couple of years. (Links will take you to that contributor’s total to date number of items in MMN.)

To see what’s even newer than that — having been added in just the past few days — visit our New Acquisitions page.


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